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Managed IT Services

You can have a fully trained, fully staffed IT department working for your small business

We don’t just fix your PC, Server and Network problems when they occur. The system engineers in our Network Operations Center will proactively monitor your business’s entire IT infrastructure. We can anticipate and prevent issues before they occur. Should you encounter an IT issue, Supernets will resolve it quickly, often responding immediately to drastically reduce or eliminate business downtime.

With Supernets, you’ll enjoy the security and stability of a budgeted line item. And because you’re on a monthly contract with a set fee, your best interest of up time with no problems is perfectly aligned with ours.

That’s why in addition to managing your PCs, Servers and Network, we also look after the maintenance, support and security of your applications. We handle the defense and recovery of PC and Server data should it ever be compromised. We even offer a complete set of CIO and CTO services.

Downtime is not an option


PC Management Server Management
Network Management CIO & CTO


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